Tue September 22, 2020
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Through our comprehensive list of accredited suppliers, you can be sure that JP Virtual Solutions can provide you with the hardware you require. We supply a range of hardware brands, including IBM, HP, Ricoh, LINKSYS, CISCO, APC, Fujitsu, ACER, ATEC, EPSON, Samsung, Philips, Netgear and 3COM, providing a tremendous range of options.

From individual PC components such as RAM and CDROM's to large, complex networks of PC's Server's, peripherals, notebooks and much more, JP Virtual Solutions will objectively recommend the best product to satisfy your needs. Our prices are competitive, our response times to your requirements are impressive and our proposals are clear, concise, justified and logical. We do everything we can to make your decision as easy as possible.

Our team of Microsoft and Cisco certified Engineers are also on hand to ensure you're your selected purchase is installed successfully and efficiently.

We can even build a PC for you ourselves according to your exact specification and budget! Send your required specification and budget to bkk@jpcomputing.com.

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