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The following organisations represent a collection of our suppliers, customers, partners and associates. Please feel free to browse among their sites for more information on their services.

Sutlet Group – Bangkok 's leading provider of visas, work permits and accounting services: for both individuals and corporate entities.

Holiday Golf Thailand – Offering a range of holiday alternative and advice that incorporate both golf and other activities, Holiday Golf Thailand is an informative and interesting site.

Nancy Chandler – Providing helpful, fun and colourful maps on Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other areas of Thailand that have been used by residents and tourists for years.

Bel-Aire Bangkok – One of Bangkok's most tranquil and contemporary hotels, located in the heart of the city's business and shopping district with easy access to the Sky Train and major roads.

Piyalai Villas, Phuket – Unique, elegant and truly luxurious villas on the most beautiful beach in Phuket. With cutting-edge technology complimenting the serene environment, Piyalai Villas Phuket is a diamond among Asia 's Villa market.

Aspara Leisure Network – Providing hospitality-based membership systems that offer excellent rewards in Thailand and the world at large, as well as project management services for the hospitality industry.

Food by Phone – Great food from Bangkok 's finest restaurants delivered to your home or office within one hour.

Liberty Square – Located in the centre of Bangkok 's busy business district of Silom, Liberty Square offers prestigious office space in a highly desirable location.

Laemsai Village – Situated at the apex of two beautiful beaches of the island of Koh Samui , guests can enjoy both sunrise and sunset from the same restaurant. Laemsai Village offers the ultimate relaxing getaway.

Bartercard – Save your money by spending Barter credits. This unique new barter system has taken Bangkok by storm with its combination of unique money saving concepts and diverse network of members.

Megabreak – Promoting the exciting game of pool in Thailand , Megabreak offers sophisticated pool lounges, weekly leagues and annual competitions.

Narry.com – Mr Narry and Mrs Narry and their team operate a diverse range of services, from tailors and hotels to internet café's and restaurants.


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